Are you old enough to drink?


In early 90’s Breakfast Cereal was the thing for 80’s born Indian kids like me. We made our parents buy boxes of cereal after watching their TV ads. India had just been liberalized and we wanted to graduate from Indian breakfasts like upma, paratha and dosa (which we are back to eating again) & be like those kids in the shows. We missed that era of colorful prints, baggy jeans, 5 Rs Cokes… so all the 90’s kids in our brewery wanted to brew a beer that would capture that nostalgia.

We brewed a stout with an abundance of malted barley + oats + corn flakes + rice puffs. the “Breakfast Cereal Mix”. Now cereals ware kind of useless without the milk element, it doesn’t really feel wholesome so we added milk sugar too. 

What truly stands out and is a testimonial to the Breakfast Cereal Stout is the Single Origin Cocoa Nibs. Straight from the Anamalais foothills in South India, Karthik from Regal Plantations is doing some great work there. We got our hands on these fine cocoa nibs and used it in abundance, around 150 kg are pitched every batch. The nibs mature in the “cold brew” for a week which allows them to slowly release their flavour.



This medium-bodied Breakfast Cereal Stout is meant to be enjoyed at any time of the day, just like we would indulge in Breakfast Cereal at any time of the day back then– you know like Breakfast for Dinner, Breakfast for lunch.