Are you old enough to drink?

Brewing Fresh Our Beer is Alive

One of the questions we are frequently asked is why should we store Goa Brewing Co. beer’s in the chiller. To answer your question let me explain how we brew our beers.

All our beers are brewed only with the freshest fruit, the juiciest hops, European two-row malts/grains, yeast, water.. ingredients you would find in your kitchen closet and not in some commercial mega factory. This all-natural or nothing approach is part of our brewing DNA. This not only makes our beers taste better but is true to the idea of craft.

While commercial breweries & imitation craft use chemicals, aggressively pasteurize, and filter their beer which strips them of all flavors and aroma we use the latest brewing technology-centrifuges to filter our beers.

Further to ensure that only the freshest beer reaches you we bottle small quantities every other day and send the beers out in our cold truck (until we find an affordable sustainable alternative) we are independently distributing in Goa which allows us to even send small quantities of fresh beer to our consumers only when they want it.



When we ventured out of Goa a few months ago our Bombay distribution partner was passionate enough to build a cold room for our beers, it is more challenging supplying to Government depos in Bangalore hence we send only small quantities of beer every week and ensure that they are picked up soon after, further to ensure proper storage we have supplied chillers to many retails in Bangalore.

While we engage with retailers regularly about proper storage, our Goa Brewing Co. tribe can contribute too by asking your friendly neighborhood retailer to store our beers properly and “Drink Fresh as the Hops Fade Fast”