Are you old enough to drink?

Lockdown and Throwback To Those Early Days

This July Goa Brewing Co. will be a two year old, and in these 24 months we have seen some of the highest of high’s and the lowest of lows. While in February we were brewing up to capacity & were in the “flow” of shipping freshest beers with almost instant consumption the following months have made us revisit every aspect of our brewing business. This process has made me reflect on our core ideas and inspirations behind starting Goa Brewing Co.

My first sip of an IPA was on a US-bound flight, until that time I had worked in the Indian Alcobev industry for almost 10 years and had always struggled with the lack of passion regarding product within the industry. The first sip from that green can be filled with intense hop aromas and its following west coast bitterness was like that red pill (from Matrix) or Alice going down the rabbit hole. I anxiously waited for that flight to land and find the brewery that made that beer the following three weeks was a crash course in craft brewing as I jumped from one welcoming brewery to the other from east coast to west & by the time I boarded the return flight I was already looking for funk in the wild-fermented sours.

Meeting these beerpreneurs, brewers and the craft community was refreshingly different from the multi-tiered secretive corporate world of the Indian alcobev industry and I wanted to do it here in India.

Every idea takes its time to germinate you just have to believe in the magnificent tree that the seed is withholding. Without the money to start a brewery, I met Dr. Ash and he knew the brewing rules well enough so that we could start breaking them one brew at a time. In those days we would take our homebrews in an icebox to every person who was willing to hear our plan, we brewed every week & months became years but we still stuck to it, looking back it was the perseverance that realized Goa Brewing Co.

Along the way, we were fortunate to find a great location for setting up the brewery in Sangolda & equally passionate investors in DSG consumer partners & Saama Capital but the things that define us are still the same from our early homebrew days.

When you want to brew the best possible non-conformist beers and challenge yourself to brew better with every batch, the whole process is very humbling. 

As the lockdown eases and we slowly restart operations I realized how much we have missed brewing in the last few weeks, and we can't wait to talk to you through our shared language of beer.