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Pineapple Saison Evolution

We are regularly asked when we are going to drop our 2020 Pineapple Saison. Until last summer when we bottled our first batch of Pineapple Saison, the idea to brew a refreshing yet complex beer with locally sourced fruit had been in my head for over a year. It was also an opportunity to test if we could do a full farm to bottle the product right here in Goa.


Pineapple is grown in abundance here particularity in the border district of Dodamarg. There are acres upon acres of pineapple farms which grow two popular varieties ‘The King’ & ‘Queen’ we preferred a just about to ripe Queen for our Saison as it was way more aromatic.

Brewing with Pineapple is particularly challenging, the fruit has a very low threshold of aroma and has enzymes like bromelain which strain the yeast. To neutralize the enzymes we had to pulp the fruit at a nearby fruit factory, carefully heat it to not lose any aroma, and then rush back to our brewery to pitch the fruit to our already fermenting Saison.



Saison is an interesting style which developed on the French Belgian farms, it was brewed by farmers in cooler months for consumption in Summer and has a lot of funk, in our last season’s brews this yeasty funk yielded beautifully with the tart tropical Pineapples. We were pleased with your response for our beer which had been brewed the hard way, with real fruits without any shortcuts or added flavors.


This year’s lockdown delayed our plan for the 2020 summer release, we had been contemplating using a far lesser-known heirloom variety Pineapple from Borim and had experimented with trial batches inspired from Mexican Tepache. 

For Goa Brewing Co Pineapples are the symbol of hospitality, so when this lockdown is over,

we will brew this beer again to welcome you to Goa.