Are you old enough to drink?

Rinse, Return, Repeat

Beer bottles add to landfills, sometimes they end up on the beaches sometimes in the fields. There is no time to be status coexist when it comes to our environment any- more, a lot of damage has already been done.



We have decided to take things in our hands, at least for the things we can control. From the time we started I can proudly say that we have not dropped untreated water into the soil even at an enormously high cost for our small brewery, in the coming monsoon we will take a step further and start water harvesting our roof overflows into our well.


We started our bottle collection initiative last year and managed to collect & recycle over 23000 bottles a big part of the success was due to our environmentally conscious restaurant partners who meticulously stored our empties separately and returned them to us.  
We have now extended our coverage of bottle drop off points across Goa for consumers who enjoy drinking our beers at home, you will find our surfboards at all major stores (give them your love as they support our endeavor to recycle bottles) All we want from you is to keep your bottles aside and if you don’t find a drop-off point just drop us a message and we will collect them from you.