Are you old enough to drink?


Trappist breweries brew a big bold beer around Christmas that mimics the flavours of rich plum cake, (they are also big on tradition and we are not) but here in Goa our hero Christmas dessert is Bebinka a zillion layered cake sweetened with palm jaggary, & couldn’t stop asking the what if question that’s become Saint & Sinner.
While we were doing trial batches I saw Dan’s work in the Lodhi art district of Delhi, he was about to fly from Thailand to Amsterdam and agreed to do a stopover in Goa, Dan just tried the beer (still work in progress) and started painting murals on our brewery walls which could be possible label artworks, we finally zeroed on an earlier work by him from an abandoned berlin building and felt it captured the irreverent personality of the beer.
Since we knew this was going to be a slowly matured beer, which you couldn’t gulp. We wanted the packaging to do all the talking, it all boiled down to two factors: no oxidation and no exposure to light. So we wax-sealed our bottle and painted the entire bottle is so that come rain or shine, no light can seep through. Painting the bottles is a step ahead to not use any physical labels in the future. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final product of Saint & Sinner. The artwork and the beer-making process has ticked a lot of boxes for us at Goa Brewing Co. It’s true to our values - bold, experimental, modern & non-conformist.