Are you old enough to drink?

Brewery Tour

A lot goes on behind the scenes at the brewery and we are delighted to invite you to come be a part of it. Take a look at how the entire process of brewing, bottling and packaging takes place right here at our heritage property.


The core of our brewery is our Lab where we constantly push our boundaries of brewing. Our secret superpower to convert imaginations into provocative, flavourful, non-conformist beers materialises here. Its also the place where we propagate our own yeast, collect heirloom ingredients and share a pint of the Lab beers with our collaborating artists & homebrewer community.


Our current home is a 130 year old Goan heritage building in the agrarian village of Sangolda, apart from providing a bold architectural canvas for brewing it’s an ongoing experiment in repurposing a 18th century building for a 21st century product with minimum intervention to the structure or the environment. This quiet setting has been a great stop over from our nomadic brewing days and has allowed us to focus only on brewing. The close proximity to farms and the farming community has shaped our outlook on sustainability, coexistence and localisation.